Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Moments

Week 2!  Here we go.  This week:
  • Jack and Lilly were having one of their conversations about how one day everyone will be dead.  They're such lighthearted, fleeting conversations, often sandwiched between a game of "family" and some sort of art project.  In this conversation, Jack decided to chime in with, "Remember, Lilly, Father Sam said we're all going to be dead with Jesus one day.  Jesus and Elvis are already dead.  And we'll be dead too."  Lilly agreed, and then they continued building their lego house.  
  • Since I mentioned Father Sam, I should probably mention how much our children love church.  I mean, we count down to Sunday every week.  On Saturday night, when Jim tucked Jack into bed, Jack said, "Don't forget to remind me to go to church tomorrow, Dad."  Highlights of church include singing (and clapping) "Gloria", seeing Father Sam (who really is a wonderful priest) and eating munchkins with friends after church.  Lilly has even asked to join the children's choir.  Practices start next Thursday--I'm not sure we're quite ready for this.
  • Eliza changes by leaps and bounds every week.  As she approaches the most adorable age of six months old, she has started playing with her hair!  She twirls it between her fingers while I'm feeding her and when she's tired or while resting her head on my shoulder (which is another aspect of this age that I adore).  
  • Hannah is very opinionated.  All of our children are, but Hannah is especially.  This is something that we have known for awhile.  The best part of Hannah asserting her opinions is that she is still only two and a half, so some of her expressions have not been perfected yet.  For example, she likes to tell Jack, "I mam in charge, Jack."  They've all said "I mam" for I am. I'm not sure when it changes, but I love when Hannah asserts herself with a forceful, "No Mom, I mam bringing my blankie downstairs."
  • And lastly, this week, Lilly got off the bus on Thursday chatting away as usual.  Little snippets of her day come out in conversation all afternoon and evening.  Thursday afternoon's chatter went something along the lines of: 
Lilly: Mom, did you know that when you stick up your middle finger, it means a bad word?
Me: I had to look the other way and bite my lip before answering, Yes, Lil...I did know that.
Lilly: Well, I'm just trying to figure out what bad word it means, and I keep asking the boys at school but they won't tell me, because they say I'm a teller.  And I mean, I know I'm a teller at home, but I'm really not at school so I don't understand why they won't tell me.
Lilly continued chatting away, talking about what she made for her American Girl Doll that day after school and how excited she was for game night (their homework every Thursday is to play a game) and the middle finger conversation hasn't come up since, but I'm sure that's not the last I'm going to hear of that.  And this is only first grade.
This is what happens when I try to feed Eliza with anyone else in the room.  She hears a little voice and loses interest. But there's nothing like seeing her face light up when she sees a big brother or sister.  The older ones certainly love this little one too.    
This pretty much sums up our life at the moment.  

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