Tuesday, May 19, 2015

39 Weeks Down...1 Week to Go (hopefully...)

Time for a quick life update during what is always a busy time of year--and this time of year, even more so!

Lilly turned 6 in April, and I have to say that so far, I love 6.  Lilly is as inquisitive as ever.  She's a lot of fun to have conversations with as she has a wonderful sense of humor and can quickly pick up on sarcasm.  Lilly has just started bringing chapter books home from school, so last night after Jack and Hannah went to sleep, Lilly and I planted ourselves on my bed so I could listen to her proudly read to me about Little Bear and his Dad.  She is a huge help to me around the house, and in looking after the younger two children, especially Hannah.  As soon as Lilly comes home from school in the afternoons, Hannah disappears from my side.  She adores Lilly; she follows Lilly around and plays dress ups with her and lets Lilly do her hair.  Lilly can put Hannah on the swing or help her climb the rope ladder on the swing set in the backyard.  Watching their little relationship develop is really special, especially when I catch a glimpse of them snuggling in Lilly's bed together in the morning or sharing a bean bag while they watch a show.

Lilly's tennis tournament at Hunt Ridge!

Jack is thriving at school.  He loves his teachers and he loves his work.  We have discovered that Jack really loves learning about the world.  He has been learning all about the maps of different continents.  When he brought home his map of Europe a few weeks ago, he could tell us the name of every country in Europe, without a single word written on the map.  It's remarkable!  Now he's moved on to Asia.  He still loves his trucks but at the moment, he really loves dinosaurs.  He plays with them in his room and falls asleep with them in his bed.  He reads books about dinosaurs given any opportunity.  It's a very sweet phase, and reminds me so much of when Edward was little and would take his dinosaurs everywhere.

And Hannah.  Where do I even begin?!  Hannah and I spend a lot of time together these days while the other two are at school.  She narrates the morning away, asking questions about everything we're doing and seeing.  She "helps" with all the laundry and cleaning, especially the past few weeks while I've been doing some serious nesting.  Hannah's hair keeps getting blonder and curlier.  Her smile lights up a room--and she knows it!  She loves playing with her dolls, especially the babies and will come up to me and say things like, "Mom, is your baby coming out soon?" and "Mom, when will your baby come out to play with me?"  I can't wait to see Hannah as a big sister.

Happy to be awake on a Sunday morning :)
Doing what she does best.  Finding the monkey at Trader Joe's!
Jim and I have spent the last couple of weeks nesting.  I've washed and dusted and cleaned every corner of the house.  We've done some serious cleaning out.  Last week, I was at Goodwill almost daily, dropping off bags and bags of clothes and toys that are just taking up space in our house.  We gave lots of books to the library--books that we have read and will never read again and that were just sitting in boxes in the garage.  I have to say, it feels amazing.  I know exactly what is in everyone's closets.  I got rid of clothes that I've had in storage bins for years and years.  I went through so many "memories"--lots of which were ticket stubs and travel brochures which I will never need again.  We've cleaned up the garage and the basement.  There are no more piles of stuff.  I feel ready for this little baby to come home to our house now.

This is how these three pass the time...legos in the basement is always popular.
When Lilly wasn't feeling well one afternoon, Jack and Hannah tucked her into bed and then tucked her new American Girl doll, Samantha, into her bed next to her.  Sweet little things.  
Today, I'm 39 weeks pregnant.  Despite Jack and Hannah both being a full week late, I have it in my head that this little one will be on time.  At least, I hope he or she is on time!  Next weekend would be a great time to have a baby.  I still feel good, especially in the mornings.  I'm sleeping well.  But by the late afternoons and evenings, I've had it.  Getting everyone in and out of the car for school drop off and pick ups is not easy.  Going to the grocery store isn't easy.  I feel like I'm at the point where life will be easier with this baby out  than in.  I don't feel like the best mom to the other three at the moment, as I prefer sitting on the couch in the afternoon rather than going down to the basement to see their newest lego creation or going outside to push them on the swing.  I know that is to be expected, but I miss the snuggles and the hugs and having a little one sit on my lap while I read to them.  I have little baby feet up in my ribs and every big movement the baby makes is starting to get uncomfortable.  When I see pictures of Lilly, Jack and Hannah as newborns, I get excited.  I can't wait to have a baby in the house again.  I saw a picture the other day of Jim holding Hannah--just a few minutes old--and it made my emotional, pregnant self cry.  I love seeing Jim become a Dad again.  There's something about seeing the biggest member of the household with the tiniest that gets me every time.

I had a doctor's appointment today and hopefully won't make it to my next one, which is two days after my due date.  Mum and Dad arrive in NYC from Italy tomorrow and then the countdown is really on.  We can't wait to see who this little one is!

37 weeks...so my stomach is even bigger now, if that's possible!!