Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When the World Shuts Down for a Day

The over forecasted Blizzard of 2015 has come and gone, leaving far less snow than was predicted.  All over social media, people are complaining about the hype and the meteorologists getting it all wrong and the town and state governments for overreacting and shutting down highways.  Here, on Quaker Lane, we're soaking up every minute of this free day off.  With nothing to do and nowhere to go, today has been a warmly welcomed break from the work/school routine.  Jim came home from work early yesterday and armed with a house full of food and a porch stocked full of firewood, we waited for the snow to start.  Lilly and Jack went to bed knowing there was no school to wake up for and Jim and I stayed up late watching Homeland (our guilty pleasure for the week). We definitely have snow out there--it may not be the 20-30 inches that was originally predicted but it's about a foot; enough to look pretty and keep life from returning to normal, at least for today.

It's after 1pm and everyone is still in pajamas or sweats.  We had a lazy morning (as lazy a morning as you can have when your children are ready to start the day by 7:30) full of coffee, a long breakfast, an early morning dance party, more coffee and a late brunch.  The fire is in full force, and the little ones have been playing (mostly) nicely together.  I even sat and read my book by the fire for a good part of the morning.  As I write, Hannah is asleep while Lilly and Jack are upstairs having their "quiet time," complete with books and trucks and coloring and writing.  Jim is reading, I am writing and enjoying these quiet minutes with some more coffee, pausing to feel the little kicks in my stomach that are getting stronger and more frequent by the day.  What's on tap for this afternoon?  Probably some shoveling and playing outside--maybe building a snowman or two, some hot chocolate and a little sledding.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who got it wrong and overreacted.  Days like this are few and far between.  The Clarks will take an over forecasted snow storm any day.

A Blizzard 2015 Dance Party

Has anyone seen Hannah?

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