Sunday, March 17, 2013

Come Out, Come Out...

I'll be 41 weeks pregnant on Tuesday.  Well, hopefully our little one will have joined us by then but he or she is giving us a run for our money.  The induction date is on the calendar; both Lilly and Jack needed that scheduled before they arrived.  We have everything set up.  The hospital bags are finally packed.  The house is stocked with food and diapers...and coffee and wine.  Mum and Dad are here.  Jack got his molars.  St. Patrick's Day has come and (almost) gone, and Jim really didn't want this baby to arrive on St. Patrick's Day.  I don't know what else this baby could be waiting for; there are no more excuses.  My doctor is even on call tomorrow, which means that she would deliver our baby if he or she arrives on Monday.  Everything, and everyone is ready.

While Mum says reassuring things like, "You've made such a lovely, warm, cozy home for this little one; he or she is just not ready to come out yet," Dad offers helpful comments such as, "Well, what are we going to do today besides freezing to death and waiting for babies to be born?"  He asks me "when I'm going to get my act together and have this baby so he can book a plane ticket back to Austin, where the temperature is higher than Fairfield's combined temperature for 3 days?"  If you'd like to read more about Dad's running commentary on the weather in Connecticut, feel free to do so here.  Or a follow up email to an email I sent out to my family the other day about the background music at breakfast which consisted of Jack and Lilly on the drums:

The music is the least of my concerns. Between the icy blasts that strip the leaves from the trees and stunt even the healthiest of plants, that drive even the hardiest of men indoors with cracked skin and weeping eyes,-- between that, and the sense that I am waiting for a small person I haven't yet met to arrive and Amelia is really not very informative at telling me how the contractions are coming -- between all that and my wife telling me she wants to be a pilot so she can spend lots of time in another country -- I am actually holding up well. Thanks.


So we wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Mum does more laundry and cooks and cooks.  Dad offers his insight on the weather and baby names (where his current favorites include Gloria, Bernadette & Roxanne for a girl...)  and Jim keeps hoping that he won't have go to work tomorrow.  This baby is already shaping up to be a true third child.  

March 17, 2013
Our last day as a family of four?

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