Monday, January 21, 2013

The Winter Months

Winter in Connecticut means less time at the beach and the playground and more time inside.  This is the first year that Jack and Lilly have really been able to play together.  Learning how to play together is definitely a work in progress as Lilly wants Jack to be her size and play all her games, and Jack has his own ideas about what he'd like to play.  But these two love each other and when they're both home and awake, all they want to do is play together.  Today, a huge box arrived which made the perfect toy to play in.  Jack ran over to it and dived head first into the box.  Lilly followed a few seconds later and the two of them stood dancing around in the box for what seemed like an inordinate amount of time!  When Jack isn't following Lilly around, Lilly is chasing Jack.  At times, it almost makes my life easier.

a little singing and dancing with milk cartons before dropping Lilly off at school
Who can resist knocking over such a tall tower?
Life with a big sister.  The poor guy had no idea this was on his head until it fell off half an hour later. 
The Clark 1950s Diner 

Jim is still the most fun to play with.  That's what dads are for, after all!  Lilly gets so excited every weekend because she knows that "Dad is home from UBS" and Jack follows Jim around whenever he's home saying, "Dada, dada...up" over and over again.  At dinner tonight, we were talking about how tomorrow is a school and work day, and Lilly said, "Oh sorry, Dad.  Have fun at UBS with Eric tomorrow.  It was nice seeing you this weekend." Jim works with Eric, and every single day, Lilly asks him if he had a fun day with Eric.  I think she pictures one big playground for grown ups; I'm pretty sure Jim would disagree.

Poor Jim needed a visit to the doctor.  Diagnosis: "Don't worry, need to have your tonsils out, like Miffy."
Caught.  Jack's favorite cabinet.  He goes up to it and shakes his head and says, "uh, uh, uh" because he knows he's not supposed to go into it!
Trying on her new ballet clothes, getting ready for the long awaited first ballet class
Jack loves lilly's horse.  Since it's too big for him to carry properly, the poor horse ends up being used as a broom .
making a fort
One of Jack's favorite games.  We say, "goodnight, Jack" and he drops to the floor with his blanket!
Getting ready for bed.  Our snuggly little Jack, with his thumb and favorite blanket.

Jim and I got new iPhones recently and I'm so impressed with all the photography options available on this phone.  It takes amazing pictures and there are so many photo editing programs that I'm having fun playing around with.  It's great when I want to get a picture quickly and don't have time to get out the big camera, or when we're out and about and I don't have the camera with me.  Plus, I got to get a cute new iPhone case, with my initials on the back.  Now I have to find something fun to do with all these Instagram pictures.

The snow is starting here, and the little ones are in bed.  Jim and I have a movie and the couch calling our name.  It was a great three-day weekend.

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