Sunday, January 20, 2013

Molars and Headphones

Teething is no fun.  Especially when you're getting four molars at once.
That pretty much sums up Jack's week.  He would like to be held at all times, but unfortunately my rather pregnant stomach can only take so much holding of a 27 pound toddler.  He seems to be improving--the two top molars are through and one of the bottom ones is on its way, so hopefully we'll get our happy little guy back soon.

Lilly has had her fill of teething as well.  This is how we found her the other night when we went in to their bedroom to check on them both before bed:

The headphones were her own addition.  They weren't connected to any music--just plain old headphones to block out Jack's "rolling around and coughing," according to Lilly the next morning.

Life is never boring with a three-year old and one-year old to keep you entertained.  

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