Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Perfect Weekend

Just as we hoped, we had a gorgeous three-day weekend, with no unwanted excitement.  Monday, especially, was everything I love in a weekend.  Lilly had school, because they missed so much during the hurricane.  She was thrilled that Dad was going to be able to pick her up since he was home from work.  She jumped out of the car when we arrived at school, as always, and was most excited about doing her "apple cutting work" and her sandpaper letters.  I'll write more about her work in another entry because I had the opportunity to go in and visit on a parent's morning last week, and it's truly amazing!  While Lilly was at school, Jack had his morning nap and Jim and I were able to enjoy a quiet coffee together--a rare and special treat.  Jim, Jack and I all went to pick Lilly up from school and went off to the Super Duper Weenie diner as a special treat for lunch.  There's no way to describe this place other than mouth wateringly delicious.  We enjoyed way too much food for lunch, followed it up with a chocolate milkshake for good measure and as a result, afternoon naps became part of our day.  It was an unseasonably mild day, especially given the snow we had last week, so we spent the afternoon outside. Jim did a ton of yard work, with Lilly's help of course, and then we all went for a walk.

Loving her bike from Uncle Joef!  Lilly's getting pretty good at balancing on it now.

My eyes are closed, Lilly's making a great face, and who knows what Jack is thinking...Take 2!

 Dinner was followed closely by an early bedtime, leaving Jim and me sitting downstairs at 7:00 with a quiet house and our books.  Our evenings have become extra special again.  As little Clark number 3 gets ready to enter the world, we know that our quiet evenings are indeed a luxury--for a few months anyway.  So every night, after we put Lilly and Jack to bed, Jim and I sit down and appreciate our quiet hours together.  We take comfort in knowing that as much as we love our little ones, we won't see Lil or Jack until 7 or 8 the next morning.  And we cherish every second of the quiet!  Now, I realize that to many people, this day doesn't have too much excitement in it--which is exactly what we wanted.  No visits to the hospital or doctor; no hurricane or evacuations; no allergic reactions.  Just a relaxing day at home.

A tired little boy, ready for dinner and very happy that his big sister brought his towel blanket to the table for him :)

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