Thursday, November 15, 2012


Here we are, just a day after Lilly was playing outside in her tank top (probably not the most appropriate attire, but the girl loves her tank tops!  I can't really blame her as I was known to have a few tanks tops during my high school years...) It's now freezing cold.  Winter coats, hats and gloves are out and everyone needs to be all bundled up to go for a walk.  We've been heading out straight after rest time in the afternoons.  It's good for all of us!  Lilly and Jack get some fresh air, I get some exercise and sometimes my favorite Starbucks extra-hot-no-foam-latte (Lilly will tell you the order, and if I vary from it in any way, she wants to know why I changed my mind).  Because of the time shift, we have to be efficient, or we end up walking home in the dark--which we did last night and it's not the worst thing in the world but getting home around 5:15 is perfect.

As I've mentioned, Jim and I have opinionated children.  I'm still trying to convince Jack that shoes are a good idea, but as far as he's concerned, going barefoot or wearing slippers is still the way to go.  He clunks around in shoes and often sits down and starts crying and pulling on his shoes.  I tried to tell him that shoes are just a part of life so he better get used to them, but so far my words are falling on deaf ears.  Cue Jack's winter hat.  He absolutely does not want to leave his hat on his head.  Granted, I made him a hat that I thought was adorable, with giant pom-poms to complement his chubby cheeks.  Jack, however, sees the pom-poms as great handles, with which to pull off his hat.  

Happy to go for a walk!  Notice most of Jack's left pom-pom is missing.  It quickly became a victim of his pulling.  Small victories though--the hat is still on!

One day later--pom-pom is restored and Jack has learned to just accept the fact that his Mum is making him wear a hat with these ridiculous pom-poms!

Getting so big!  And it will come as no surprise that Lilly talks the entire time we're out walking.  She sings, narrates, asks questions, tells cars which way they should be going or holds up her hand to thank them for letting us cross.  We don't have the quietest walks but we all enjoy them!

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