Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween...in November!

Hurricane Sandy disrupted many people's lives over the past few weeks.  When you hear of the houses that were ruined, entire towns destroyed, and people displaced permanently, you'd think that Halloween for these affected towns would be a non-event.  That was not the case, however, as Halloween was rescheduled twice in Fairfield.  While I am not a huge fan of Halloween (I may have mentioned that before...) Lilly's excitement over dressing up outweighs any lack of enthusiasm on my behalf, and so, we celebrated Halloween this weekend.  We went over to Marie and Luke's house, a mile up the road from us, who live in the perfect trick-or-treating neighborhood.  There were lots of kids running up to the doors of spookily decorated houses, while the adults trick-or-treated with beers in hand.  All the little ones got to trick-or-treat together--Peter, Clark and Lilly had the best time!  The younger children were in strollers and wagons, probably asking themselves why they were dressed up in the first place when they didn't even get any candy out of the night!  But they were little troopers and had a great time, along for the ride.  The pictures say more than I could, so even though it's almost Thanksgiving, Happy Halloween!

Dinner before--not exactly quiet but lots of fun!

Ready to go! Ladybug Lilly, Clark and his lawn mowing service, Peter is Percy, Jack the tiger, Margaret the duck, and Daniel is Thomas. 

Lilly showed us every piece of candy!  She was very proud of the Almond Joy, knowing that it's Jim's favorite!

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