Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Weekend Alone

This weekend, Jim took Lilly and Jack up to Boston for Sarah and Ross' engagement party and Meredith's baptism.  I was teaching on Saturday and Sunday so as much as I wanted to be there, I was unable to partake in the festivities.  The up side to this, however, was that I had my first weekend alone since Lilly was born!  Jim and I have gone away by ourselves a few times but I haven't been at home by myself, with no one else to take care of, for three and a half years.  I've always loved my alone time so I was looking forward to it for weeks.  Saturday didn't really count--I was out the door at 7am and taught in Greenwich until 4:30.  Afterwards, however, I decided to go home via the mall, where I could just wander around by myself, without providing anyone with a running commentary of what we were doing and where we were going.  I got a latte and sat down and enjoyed it in silence.  I didn't talk to a single person--except the cashier when I was paying--and I loved every second of it.  I had stocked up on ingredients to make myself a prosciutto and arugula pizza when I got home, so left the mall and headed back to Fairfield to a dark and quiet house.  I enjoyed my dinner, watched a movie and took out my knitting for the first time in months.  Wild and crazy I know, but that's exactly what I felt like doing.

I thought the night to myself would be the most enjoyable aspect of the weekend, but actually, my night  wasn't too different from our normal nights.  Jim and I always have a few hours to ourselves before going to bed but knowing that I was by myself in the house was definitely strange.  Sunday morning, however, was unbelievable.  I planned on sleeping in, and even though I wouldn't consider 8am a sleep in, it was amazing to wake up on my own, make some coffee, and lie in bed and read until I felt like getting up.  I talked to Mum and Dad on Skype for awhile, headed out to a PSAT class, and then came home and watched another movie with my knitting that afternoon.  When Jim, Lilly and Jack arrived home around 5pm, a roast chicken and grilled veggies were almost ready and we were all excited to see each other.  Jim was happy--tired but happy.  I think being tired had more to do with staying up and enjoying Sarah and Ross' engagement party than it did with looking after the little ones.  After all, he's been Mr. Mom for a few Saturdays now.  Lilly gave me a big hug and updated me on everything she did and everyone she saw over the weekend.  Jack smiled and waved at me, but only wanted Jim to hold him.  It reminded me of when Jim and I went to Italy right after Lilly turned one, and we came back to find that she would run to Gigi or Papa over us for the first day back.

It was a wonderful weekend for me and after hearing all the stories, it sounds like Jim, Lilly and Jack had a great time as well.  As an added bonus, we all got to spend Monday together as it was Columbus Day.  So we still got our relaxing weekend day in.  Jack has started taking a few steps by himself so it's only a matter of time before he takes off chasing Lilly.  We also decided to see if he would be okay if we put away his bottles yesterday, and so far he has been consistent with everything related to food.  I think as long as he has food, he's happy, so the lack of bottle doesn't seem to bother him at all.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we won't need to use bottles again until this next little one comes along.

As lovely as my weekend was, I missed my little family.  Being by myself is amazing but by Sunday afternoon, it felt strange and I was ready for everyone to be at home together.

Very proud of her newly created mosaic frame
Jack cracks himself up and has created his own cheesy grin :)
...after getting stuck in the rain riding home from the train station.

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