Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

After today's 60 degree weather and torrential downpour of rain, it's safe to say that summer has officially come to a close and Fall is in full swing in Fairfield.  I saw the rain this morning and thought, "Ugh...I can't believe we have to leave the house in this weather." and Lilly saw it and said, "Oh Mum, it's raining!!  Can I wear my new raincoat to school?" So I decided to go with Lilly's approach to the morning and we sang songs about rain, that don't really make too much sense when you listen to the words.  They're also not too appropriate for children.  Lilly asked me today, "Why, when the old man bumps his head, doesn't he get up in the morning?"  I wasn't sure whether I should launch into our first discussion about concussions and/or comas but I decided to go for the simpler, less detailed approach saying that his head hurt so he wanted to stay in bed.  Anyway, Lilly went off to school happily, excited because on Fridays she has "creative movement," and although I'm not sure what exactly creative movement entails, I know it involves dancing, playing with scarves, and today, they pretended to be on a beach.  Lilly also knows that "Daddy doesn't have to go to UBS tomorrow!" which I've heard multiple times already today.  Lilly has quickly picked up on Jim and my love of weekends.

Jack enjoyed a great morning nap in the rain--my favorite kind of naps.  This week, I've started to realize more and more that he's leaving his baby days behind him and starting to enter Toddlerville.  Part of me refuses to admit it.  I can't believe that he won't always be this snuggly little baby who crawls around and puts his head on my lap when he's tired, or who just comes over for a cuddle and to put his head on my shoulder while he sucks his thumb.  At the moment, however, he's still as snuggly as ever and just starting to really show his independence.  He found my hair brush the other day and started trying to brush his hair with it--without much luck I might add.  He kept hitting himself on the head with the back of the brush, but still, the fact that he knows what to do with it impressed me.  He had a huge smile on his face the entire time.  Jack loves playing with our house phone and has started sprint crawling over to it, picking it up, putting it in the vicinity of his ear and yelling, "bababababa" or some rendition of whatever babble he's chosen to take up at that time.  Jack also picks up the remote controls and points them at the television, waiting for something to happen.   He loves Lilly's toy Dora microphone (a wonderful present from her godparents--I can't wait for payback one day) and when he finds it, he puts it up to his mouth and again starts these long babbles...his version of singing.

Even on dreary rainy days, these two little ones brighten up the mood.  They're both asleep, once again, which makes them even cuter at this moment.  But Lilly and Jack's outlooks on a day like today are refreshing.  Maybe the rain isn't so bad if you're excited about wearing a new raincoat.  I think I'm going to order myself those rain boots that I've wanted for so long.  I'm sure Jim won't mind.  Especially if they make me happy on rainy days.

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