Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the Move

Memorial Day weekend, 2012.  At the (way too young) age of seven and a half months, Jack started crawling and life took an even crazier turn in the Clark house.  While Jack is still content to sit and play, he has now realized that he has the whole world (or our house) at his fingertips.  This means that everything is fair game, and he's crawling to a very familiar tune.  At the moment, Jack's "go to" crawling spots include, under the computer table to play with the cords, the cable box to play with the remotes and pull out the cable card, the not-very-stable curtains and the outlet that is next to them, and the kitchen to find the empty beer bottles that need recycling.  Today, upon discovering that his usual beer bottle spot was empty, Jack resorted to pulling out a full bottle of wine from the shelf.  It's time to get everything up and off the ground again!  As Jim and I remember all too well, Lilly went after exactly the same things.  It's amazing the way their little minds work.

As crazy as this stage of life is, I love it.  Watching a little person discover that he is mobile has to be one of the most precious experiences.  The realization that he can follow me out of the room has been life changing for Jack.  Often, when I'm putting on laundry or in the bathroom, I see Jack's little head poke around the corner, with his face exuding a triumphant smile.  His little knees are getting red and leathery.  And since he's still so little, crawling completely exhausts him.  He'll often stop and put his head down on the ground, or find a familiar person to lie against and suck his thumb.

So, without further ado, I give you the newest mobile member of our family and his journey from May 25th to today.  (Lilly chose the first song from one of her favorite movies, Madagascar.)

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