Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dad, Papa and Pop

I'm lucky to be surrounded by some pretty amazing Dads.  I can't imagine a better Dad than my own, and then I watch Jim as a Dad and realize that there is no better Dad for Lilly and Jack.  Seeing Jim's Dad, I know that there is no better Dad for Liz, Carolyn, Jim and Sarah.  All three are so different, but each one plays the role of Dad perfectly.  Happy Father's Day to the greatest Dads I know.

This year, Jim has two little ones whose eyes light up every evening when he walks in the door from work.  A three-year-old Lilly's welcome home entails a sprint to the door, a hug, and non-stop chatter about whatever comes to mind from the day's activities. Eight month old Jack's welcome home is becoming more and more active.  He has progressed from that first smile of recognition when he was four months old to sitting in the middle of the living room, flapping his arms up and down, falling over backwards and laughing at six months.  And now, he takes off in a labored crawl to the hallway as soon as he hears Jim walk in, where Jim patiently sits down on the floor with open arms to await this newly mobile little person's greeting.  In that instant, however tedious work was that day, Jim's face is overtaken with a smile.  Whether he knows it or not, these two little ones couldn't love him any more.  To them, Jim represents laughter and fun.  He rolls around on the floor and is a human jungle gym.  He's full of tickles, songs and stories.  He represents nothing but happiness to these two little people.  So, to Jim I say, Happy Fourth Father's Day!  I couldn't ask for a better husband, and Lilly and Jack couldn't ask for a better Dad.

Father's Day - June 17, 2012

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