Friday, May 11, 2012

Here's a Hint...

Last night at dinner, Jim, Lilly and I were sitting and chatting about what we'd done yesterday and what we would be doing today. On Friday mornings, Lilly has an art class where I drop her off.  It's the first "thing" that she's done where I don't stay.  We're on week 5 and it's going really well as she loves it and has a few of her friends in the class.  But whenever Jim asks her about the class, all she tells him is that I "drop her off".  Apparently that's what sticks with her.  So, last night at dinner, the conversation went something like this:

Me:  "Lilly, tomorrow's Friday.  Do you remember what we do on Friday mornings?"
Lilly:  "Ummm...does Daddy have to go to UBS?"
Jim:  "Yes, I go to UBS on Fridays.  But on Saturdays I get to stay home."
Lilly: "Okay.  Is tomorrow Saturday?"
Me: "No, tomorrow's Friday! Okay, Lilly.  Here's a hint.  Tomorrow, you get to wear your special purple shirt and you get to paint and play with clay and make bracelets..."
Lilly:  "It's my art class!  Okay Mum, here's a hint for you.  Tomorrow, you go and get a coffee, and there's a green thing, and a vanilla scone and an iced coffee and a latte..."
Jim: (literally couldn't stop laughing at the fact that our three year old daughter just patronized me...); "Oh, does Mum go to Starbucks while you go to art?"
Lilly:  "Not you Dad, it was a hint for Mum."
Me: "Do I go to Starbucks tomorrow?"
Lilly: "Yes!  And you drop me off at art..."

For the record, the "green thing" at Starbucks is the one of Lilly's favorite's the little green stick you put in the lid of the coffee to keep it hot.

So yes, Lilly is fully aware that I drop her off at art class and go to Starbucks for an hour with my friends to get an iced coffee or a latte with a "green thing".  I can't wait to hear the stories that Lilly comes home from school with next year.

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  1. Amazing blog. Why do things like Grande decaf and vanilla scones always get remembered, but saying "please" is about 50/50? She is hilarious.