Sunday, May 6, 2012

A 3rd Birthday Party

Lilly's birthdays always seem to stretch out over the course of a month.  Yesterday, we had her 3rd birthday party at the park--one of her favorites.  It wasn't the most gorgeous day but that ended up working to our advantage.  We had the park mostly to ourselves.  The little ones played.  The grown ups drank coffee.  The little ones ate cupcakes (well, really they ate the frosting off their cupcakes).  The grown ups drank more coffee.  Jack went on the swing for the first time.  Lilly ran around and jumped and ran around some more.  It was simple and it was fun.

Stella and Margot enjoying some "puffs"

A peeking Stella

Running and jumping

Proudly representing our "ladies' network"

Clark loves his trucks

Man talk time

Lilly + icing = heaven

Clark loving a blue cupcake

Sweet Mikayla

Claire chose a hot pink cupcake...I don't think anyone was surprised!

Margot found the best seat in the house...right in front of the cupcakes!

Margaret proudly sporting her two little teeth

First time in a swing!

Margaret loves the swing too!

Little Margaret watching her Dad

How cute are these two?

A smile that comes out every time Jack sees Lilly

Clark loving the swing

Jack finds his thumb when he gets tired :)

The birthday girl in her newest fairy dress ups!

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