Saturday, April 14, 2012

Six Months Old

Six months old is a great milestone.  All the milestones are fun, but six months has to be one of the best. Jack is learning how to sit by himself.  He recognizes us and smiles or laughs when we walk in the room.  He loves Lilly and his face lights up whenever she is near him.  He blurts and babbles when he's lying in his crib.  He grabs for toys and bats at his mobile.  Just this week, he has learned how to roll over onto his stomach when he's asleep and STAY ASLEEP!  For the past two months, every time he would roll onto his stomach, he'd start playing and eventually get really cross.  He would never just put his head down and sleep!  So we'd roll him back over and he would fall back asleep.  Now, when I go in to pick him up in the morning or after a nap, he's still on his stomach.  Jack is officially a stomach sleeper.

April 11th...waking himself up.

April 12th.  Amazing!!

How quickly these six months have passed. I can't believe we're already feeding Jack solid food.  Just like Lilly, he adores his rice cereal.  He's not quite sure whether it's the cereal that tastes so good or his thumb, so after every bite, he sucks his thumb, which adds a whole new dimension of messiness to feeding time.  We can't get his food into his mouth fast enough.  When he had it for the first time last weekend, while Mum and Dad were here, he started crying in between bites.  Jim had to hold his hands down to keep him from grabbing the spoon, or sticking his hands in his mouth.  As unrelaxing as it was, Jack's first meal was a (messy) success.  So far, he's had rice cereal and sweet potatoes.  Now the real fun begins.

Smiling at Lilly

Jim's finger tastes pretty good too.

We find ourselves looking back at pictures of Lilly at six months old and smiling.  I think we're sitting in exactly the same place on the floor giving Lilly her first rice cereal!  

Just smearing a little rice cereal onto her feet.

Oct 10, 2009  Getting ready to crawl!  

Jack is still toothless.  He puts everything in his mouth and chews away but nothing has popped through yet!  Lilly's first choppers came through at six and a half months so we'll see when Jack's decide to make an appearance. Here's to being toothless, learning to sit up and sleep on his tummy, smiling, laughing and eating solid food.  Happy six month birthday Jack!

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