Thursday, April 12, 2012

"I'm THREE!"

Yesterday, on a day filled with balloons and party hats, friends and frozen yogurt, presents and smiles, and skype conversations with family, Lilly turned three.  When she woke up (extra early) in the morning and Jim went in to her room to tell her it was her birthday, Lilly's response was, "No, not yet Daddy.  It's not my birthday until I'm wearing a party hat."  So, we put on party hats and celebrated the day away.  She chose her birthday breakfast (honey yogurt with granola), opened some presents, and met up with her friends, whose mums happen to be my friends, for frozen yogurt (how very sophisticated of us)! The naps weren't really happening in our house yesterday afternoon so I gave up trying to convince two stubborn children to sleep and put them in the stroller where we went for a "birthday walk."  It's amazing how you can turn anything into a birthday celebration for a three year old just by making it sound exciting!  We came home and had birthday baths, and then, per Lilly's request, had "noodles from the man, not from Mum" for dinner.  Translation: chinese noodles delivered by the delivery man.  Everything about yesterday was fun, and I didn't find myself being too nostalgic until the very end of the day.  Lilly was brushing her teeth before bed and we were practicing not swallowing her toothpaste (it's amazing all the things little ones have to learn).  After Lilly put her toothbrush away, she said, "Mum, next time when I'm two, I'm going to swallow my toothpaste again."  I smiled at Lilly, gave her a hug and handed her off to Jim's lap for stories before bed.  I took myself off to bed too. That statement, the silliest, simplest line had me in tears. Every day, I stop at least once and appreciate what I have, but last night I was extra appreciative.  There's no turning back time.  I know that Lilly and Jack are going to keep growing.  As I sit here writing, there's a picture of Lilly and Jim curled up asleep on the couch in the hospital room when Lilly was one day old, and it feels like that happened yesterday.  So, today, I'm soaking up the extra "huggies".  I'm reading an extra story or two to Lilly before bed.  I'm cuddling Jack a little bit longer.  As busy as I am now, I know that the days of having little ones around are going to pass by way too quickly.    

Ready to start the celebrations at 6:45am!

Coming out through the birthday balloons!

Party hats all around...even the Australian animals were celebrating.

So was Dora.

And Lilly Lamb.

Lilly was most excited about the birthday cards.  "Look, I have an invitation!"

Lilly didn't want us to read her the cards.  Apparently, Gigi and Papa's card said, "Please come to Lilly's birthday party. I'm three."

A birthday "nap"

The cheeky smile of a three year old.

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