Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I can't believe it's taken me this long to start utilizing Instagram on my phone.  I love my iPhone.  Over the past three and a half years, I've downloaded hundreds of apps and deleted just as many.  I've learned there are more useless apps than ones that actually serve a purpose.  Between Joseph, Edward and Jim, I think I've seen them all.  An app that make obnoxious vuvuzela noises; one that allow you to virtually toss pieces of paper into a trash can; one that has an infinite number of "yo mama" jokes; an app that lets me turn Joseph into Bob Marley or a chicken or his favorite person, Justin Bieber; there's even an app that makes fake office noises (paper crumpling, keyboard tapping, mouse clicking), so that you can nap in your cubical at work without the people around you knowing.  Just google "useless iPhone apps" and the list is endless.  Amidst, all those ridiculous apps, I've discovered ones that I love.  Most have to do with music or photos...and most recently, Ellie told us about an app that lets us text with her in Guatemala without actually sending international text messages.  We have a family chat going, which according to Jim is, "a waste of the internet".  We don't always have the most intellectual of conversations, but it makes it feel like Ellie is back in the country.

Well, this week, I discovered Instagram.  It's a photo app that lets you choose different filters to transform photos taken with your iPhone and I love it.  Here's our week in photos.

A late afternoon walk

Using a pump for the first time (or as Lilly says, breathing smoke) and watching Dora

Did any ice cream actually make it into Lilly's mouth?

Visiting Jim at UBS

2 going on 16

Two cuties who seem to come to the park to snack

Loving our Thursday mornings at the park!

Happy little Margot

First day of spring...70 degrees in Connecticut!


This little guy can't get enough of his thumb.


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