Tuesday, February 28, 2012


February.  Where has the month gone?  It's been a month full of teaching SAT classes and tutoring. We've been busy playing outside--yes, in Connecticut, in February, the average temperature has been in the 50's.  We've been going for walks and sleeping (hooray for Jack learning how to sleep through the night!)  We've been up to New Hampshire, where Jack had his first visit to the lake. We've been busy.  Most of my free time is taken up with SAT class preparation but I've still managed to sneak in some sewing, knitting and cooking.  As I mentioned before, i'm slightly obsessed with Pinterest.  But, I decided to take a break from "pinning" all the time and actually start making some of the things I've pinned.  My goal was to try one new recipe a week and so far, I have been successful.  Actually, last week, we tried 5 new recipes!  So that I could still play around with Pinterest, I created a board to keep track of them all here--they've all been great.  No complaints.

Lilly has been as chatty as ever.  She's quickly become an oldest child and currently enjoys telling Jack, and consequently everyone else who she is with, what to do.  We've had a few discussions about how Mum and Dad are in charge, but I'm not sure it's sinking in.  There's only so much reasoning you can do with an almost three year old.  She's still as sweet as ever with Jack, letting us know when he's asleep, awake, crying (in case we can't hear it for ourselves, we've always got Lilly to remind us..."MUUUUUM, DAAAAAAD, Jack's crying!")  It's really helpful, and should we ever go deaf, it's nice to know that Jack will not go unheard.  Lilly also likes to let me know that she thinks it's time to feed Jack, or when I should pick him up from his bouncy chair.  Sometimes she'll come up to me and say, "Mum, I think Jack needs a cuddle."  She's a big sister in training.

Jack is laughing more, and he watches Lilly's every move.  Lilly brings him toys, and then trades toys with him when she wants the one he's playing with.  Jack has discovered his feet, and this week, has started playing with and sucking on his toes.  He looks more like Jim every day.  And we have been trying to even the score in photos.  Lilly has a two year head start, however, and we have thousands of pictures of her from those two years.  It's time to make sure the second child gets his turn (right, Joseph?)

Jack is at a really sweet age.  He's still a baby, although not a little one.  He's smiley, cuddly and loves to snuggle. He sucks his thumb every chance he gets.  He rolls around the floor, and is always startled when he ends up on his tummy.  He recognizes us now.  He gives Jim huge grins when he walks in the door at night.  He laughs whenever Lilly sings him a song, is doing one of her dances, or whenever she's being silly.  And, he sleeps.  Jack is in bed for the night at 6:00 these days, and then usually wakes up around 4 to eat, before going back to sleep until anywhere from 7-8:30 when he gets up for the day.  Since he has started sleeping through the night, I have to say that my favorite mornings are the ones when I put back in his crib after feeding him, only to hear him crying half an hour later.  That may sound less than ideal to those who like full nights of sleep, but it means I pick Jack up and bring him to bed with us, where he sprawls himself out and sleeps.  Yesterday, he slept in our bed until 9am, where he missed all the hustle and bustle of the morning.  I've realized this time around how short lived the "baby" phase really is.  With Lilly, I didn't want to bring her into our bed too much because I didn't want it to be a habit.  With Jack, I have realized that he sleeps in his crib for his naps and most of the night, and that snuggling with him for a few hours a couple of mornings a week is heavenly.  And I know it won't last forever.  In fact, it will pass much too quickly so I'm soaking up every cuddle I can get.

Jack had grown out of all his hats, courtesy of Gigi, so this week, I decided to make him a new hat.  As luck would have it, it fits him perfectly.  Hopefully this will carry him through the rest of winter.  And, like 99% of his clothing, the hat is blue and white.  There's no mistaking him for a girl!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

One of Those Days

Thursday was the kind of day that I'm sure every mother has.  It was one of those days where the dishwasher was clean at 8am and I didn't unpack it until 5pm.  Jack wouldn't let me put him down.  Lilly wanted someone to play with at all times.  Jack napped for a total of about an hour the entire day.  Lilly didn't nap.  Laundry piled up.  There were toys everywhere.  The only time I had to myself all day was the 15 minute shower I took in the morning before Jim left for work.  It was a loooooong day that followed a long night.  Jack decided to wake up every 3-4 hours all night long--something he hadn't done since his newborn days, so I started the day off exhausted.  I realized early on the kind of day it was going to be and made plans accordingly.  When Jack napped for half an hour instead of two hours in the morning, I picked him up and we all went off to the library.  When Lilly and subsequently Jack refused to nap in the afternoon, I gave up trying to get them to sleep and headed off to one of our favorite grocery stores, Fairway, for some groceries and a snack.  Of course, as soon as we got to Fairway, Jack fell asleep in his car seat, sucking his thumb and prompting everyone to stop and remark what a sweet little boy he was.  While I agreed with them, those people didn't know the kind of day I was having.  It was one of those days where everything was out of whack.  Nothing went the way it was supposed to.  When Jim came home from work, Jack was in his swing crying and all I could do was burst into tears.  Jim gave me a much needed hug and we put the little ones to bed.  The house was finally quiet.  We had a glass of wine and chatted about how on this day, 11 years ago, we started dating.  What a difference 11 years makes!  We ended the day laughing and reminiscing.  It was my favorite part of Thursday.

Thankfully, most times that I have a day like that, it's followed by one like yesterday.  Everyone slept until 8am.  We went off to tumble time where Lilly ran around and played with her friends Margot and Grace while Jack slept in his car seat in a corner of the gym.  We came home, had lunch, and both little ones took great naps.  Lilly made Jack laugh, which makes her laugh even harder.  I had time to read; time to knit; time to play around on Pinterest (I'm addicted, but more on that later); time to myself.  The weather was nice enough that we were able to go for a walk.  We all had an early dinner, Lilly and Jack went to bed and Jim and I enjoyed our quiet evening.

Being a mum is not easy.  No one said it would be.  But I have to say that days like Thursday make me appreciate all the other days so much more.  I know every day can't be perfect.  I have ups and downs just like every other mum out there.  And on a day like Thursday, when it seems like everything is going wrong, I reminded myself that I have many more ups than downs.

Our biggest up at the moment being that we *may* be on the road to full nights of sleep (I'm talking, 11 hours last night!) with "little" Jack.  I think I'm going to have to stop calling him little though as he measured rather big at his 3 month doctor's appointment.  I don't think you can call 15lbs and 26 inches long at 3 months, little.  I don't want to jinx the sleep, so more about that in a few days.