Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jack Peter

It's been a week since little Jack Peter entered our lives.  The false labor that I had 10 days before his arrival just gave us an extra 10 days with Mum and Dad!  As Jim said, we were all living like we were part of a community.  Mum and Dad took up quarters on one side of our living room, and we spent every day wondering if "today was the day."  Dad wrote a blog about waiting, and captures those last days perfectly.  And in the days leading up to Jack's arrival, Edward wrote a beautiful blog as well.  I am constantly amazed by my family and their uncanny ability for writing.

Just like his older sister, Jack Peter entered the world according to his own schedule.  He came quickly and without warning, following my 41 week doctor's appointment when we talked about induction.  Apparently it takes an eviction notice from the doctor to get our children to enter the world.  Whatever the reason, Jack was born at 6:41am on Tuesday, October 11th.  I woke up at 2:30am, and didn't know if I was really having contractions or if I was dreaming about having them.  After about 45 minutes, I realized these were real, and knowing that Jim has been known to shower, shave, request haircuts, etc. while I'm in labor, I decided to wake him at 3:15 and give him ample time to get ready.  After a quick shave (we had taken care of the haircut earlier in the week, given that we had plenty of "waiting" time), I woke up Mum and Dad, told them we thought this was the real thing, and we decided to head right to the hospital to avoid the chaos of Lilly's arrival.  We got to the hospital at 4 and had time to talk to the nurses, the doctor, and get settled (well, as settled as you can be during labor) and little Jack was born at 6:41.  He was 8lbs, 4oz and 21 inches long with a head full of hair, just like Lilly.  Jim and I still hadn't decided on a name for this baby.  Every conversation leading up to the arrival went around in circles, ending with our top name choices but without agreement.  We had 2 girls names and 3 boys names.  So, when we learned we had a son (words that I am still getting used to), we started talking about his name.  And without any argument (for the first time in all of our name discussions!) we agreed that this little boy was Jack Peter.  The name fits him perfectly.  We both love the name Jack, and Jack will grow up knowing that his middle name was chosen after his very special incredible man who he will get to know in the years ahead.

The whole experience was calmer than the first time.  We knew what to expect; we had time to tell the nurses that I wanted a natural birth and as a result, had a fantastic nurse, June, who stopped the doctors and nurses from asking me about pain medication every 5 minutes.  She gave us encouragement and support.  Jim, being a seasoned labor veteran, knew just what to do and say and there's no way I could go through that without him by my side.  Everything was smoother this time, and lasted about four hours.  Our little ones arrive quickly, and from what we've seen with Lilly, they never stop moving.

Lilly on her way in to the hospital room to meet Jack!

Very proud of her "I'm a big sister" hospital bracelet. 

A proud Dad and his son :)

For the first 10 days of his life, Jack has known nothing but love.  His older sister absolutely adores him.  Family and friends have been to visit in the hospital and at home.  Everyone has come armed with gifts for Jack and Lilly, with flowers, balloons and with meals, which I think might be every new parent's dream come true.  We haven't had to cook a meal yet.  Instead, we get to spend our time learning what it's like to be a family of four.

Lilly has been a very proud big sister.  Everywhere we go, she introduces Jack to people saying, "oh, look, this is my baby 'brodah' (we love the pronunciation), Jack."  She has moved her little stool beside Jack's bassinet, and periodically runs over to check on him during the day.  We get updates, informing us if he is awake or asleep.  When he starts crying, Lilly goes and sings to him.  We've heard her sing, "Five Little Pumpkins, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle, Prince Ali and A Whole New World."  She pats his little head (she loves his hair!) and rubs his tummy.  So far, she's been a sweet, gentle, loving big sister.  She's definitely had her moments, but they've been our usual battles.  Lilly isn't interested in trying any new food at the moment.  And she doesn't like being told to come inside if she wants to stay outside.  None of this is new.  We've seen a bit more fake crying since Jack has come home, as if Lilly has realized that she can make as much noise as this tiny baby!  I think that a huge part of Lilly adjusting so well has been Jim.  While he was home from work, Jim spent the majority of his time playing with Lilly.  He ordered a huge set of duplo that he and Lilly used to build entire villages.  He played with her outside and took her for walks.  He read extra stories to her before her nap and bedtime, extending an already elaborate bedtime routine.  He gave her extra hugs and let her help with everything from taking out the trash to making lunch.  Jim made sure Lilly knew that she was just as loved as she was before Jack was born.

Very excited to see what's in the huge box!

We had a wonderful week getting used to being a family of four.  Aside from a few hospital visits for blood work for Jack's jaundice, which improved after a few days (he and I have incompatible blood types), we had no obligations.  We did things that we never get to do...we sat outside enjoying the warmer than normal fall weather and had lunch together.  Jim and I enjoyed a mid day beer, which we both missed yesterday when Jim returned to work.  We took naps together in the afternoon.  We went for little walks and played outside.  We learned what it's like to have a son--we have all been peed on multiple times!  The first time, Jack managed to spray Jim, Lilly, Lilly's one, me and the floor.  Not bad for a little boy who was three days old.  We're not quite used to changing a little boy's diaper yet but I think we've gotten better.

On his way to the hospital for some blood work, wearing his hat and sweater made by Gigi.

Home, wrapped up like a burrito, with his lamb from Gigi and Papa (which Lilly named Rufus...thank you Papa) and getting used to his bassinet.

Jim's parents came to visit last weekend and showered Lilly with more love.  They carved a pumpkin with her, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  The only problem is that we can't light it for more than five minutes at a time.  Every time we try and light the jack o lantern, Lilly sings happy birthday to it, and blows the candle out.      

Playing a game with Meme, which involved Meme doing lots of squats!

Getting a little sun to help his jaundice

Impressive work, Pop!

3 Generations of Clark boys

Jim has been back at work for two days now, and aside from a trembling bottom lip when Lilly woke up yesterday morning and Jim was already at work, Lilly has been amazing.  She's been great at playing by herself, and she loves helping with Jack.  She brings her stool to the changing table when I change his diaper.  She bounces his bouncy chair when he cries and always seems to get him to stop (probably out of shock as she doesn't have the gentlest bounce).  She gets very excited when it's time for Jim to come home from work, and as soon as he walks in the door, Jim has his little shadow back for the evening.  We've started to find a new routine, and for two days now, Lilly and Jack have taken naps at the same time in the afternoon.  It's a small victory, but one that makes me feel like I have a little bit of time to myself during the day.  And so we embark on our new adventure.  The next entry on this blog will bring with it a new blog title.  After all, there are four of us now.  Let the fun begin!        


  1. beautiful!!!! Very excited for all of you.


  2. Wow Amelia. That is beautiful. I am so happy for you and your beautiful family.