Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...Who is the Most Stubborn One of All?

Stubborn. Opinionated. Strong willed. Determined. I'm not sure which of these I'd pick to best describe Lilly at the moment. At any moment of any day over the past few weeks, one of these words has been applicable. Not like there was any doubt she was going to be stubborn. After all, look at her dad. And I guess, occasionally, her Mum. We are both stubborn, strong-willed, determined and opinionated, so it's no surprise that Lilly is as well. Lately, it just seems to be magnified. It might have something to do with the fact that she's so little with such strong opinions. Or the fact that she doesn't yet know how to keep any opinion to herself, so anything she thinks come straight out of her mouth. Whatever the reason, Lilly is making her opinions known. See exhibit A.

And exhibit B.

Since we came back from DC a few weeks ago, Lilly has decided that she doesn't want to lie down in her bed. So, she goes to sleep sitting up. Sometimes, she gives in before she falls asleep and lies down, but just as often, Jim or I have to go in and lie her down before we go to bed. Why the sudden urge to sit up in bed? I think it is just a way to assert her independence. If only she could see the irony in the situation. Lilly thinks that she wins because she goes to sleep sitting up. In reality, Jim and I win because a) she goes to sleep and b) she stays in her bed...just sitting up in her bed. Then, when she wakes up, she does the same thing she used to do in her crib--she lounges and asks us to lie on her bed with her. She rolls around with her stuffed animals and plays under her sheets. It's the going to bed part that has become more of a production than it used to be with her crib. The adjustment to a bed is taking some time, and since we're traveling so much at the moment, she hasn't had more than a few days in a row to get used to it before we're off to somewhere else and she's sleeping in the pack 'n play again. But after we get back from the lake next week, we have a couple of weeks at home. I'm glad we moved Lilly to her bed plenty of time before this baby is born because I think it is a big adjustment for her. Adjustment or no adjustment, the stubbornness is undeniable. Which leads me to...

A donkey. The only living creature who is more stubborn than Lilly. Well, maybe my Mum (who as Dad points out, has her Lebanese heritage to thank for her strong will).

Stubbornness aside, I'm beginning to realize more and more that condo living is just not for us. We need our own space. We don't need a lot of space, but it just has to be our own. Lilly adores being outside and would spend every waking moment playing in her water table or drawing with chalk or blowing bubbles. Unfortunately, the neighbors' girls' (who are 4 and 7) adore Lilly and every time they see her walk outside, they come running over and want to play. While I love the fact that Lil is so happy to play with them, I think it's really important that Lilly play by herself sometimes. And those times are few and far between at the moment, as the girls are out of school but not yet in summer camp. They even came over last night when Lilly was helping Jim grill outside, and as you can imagine, Jim doesn't think too fondly of the whole situation. When he comes home at night, it's our family time. If this continues every time we walk outside, I'm going to have to say something to their mom. I'm not one for confrontations so the whole thought of it makes me cringe, but it's starting to get out of hand. And they're not the nicest girls; the way they speak to each other is horrible; the way they speak to their parents is even worse. I know how much and how quickly Lilly absorbs things, and I do not want her picking up these girls' behaviors. It makes me nervous for the years ahead when Lilly will be off at school with children who I know I'd rather her not be around. But it also makes me thankful. Thankful that I have these years, when she is so little, to control who she's around on a daily basis, thereby allowing her own little personality to flourish.

Alright. That's enough for today! I'm enjoying my new lounge chair outside while Lilly is asleep, and I'm going to finally finish reading
Chesapeake, by James Michener. It's an amazing historical fiction saga that takes place in, you guessed it, the Chesapeake region, that I've been reading for ages now. I took a couple of months off when tutoring was especially busy, but am coming into the home stretch. So I'm going to take advantage of the sun, the quiet, my iced coffee and my lounge chair on this last day of June. Another month has flown by, which means it's time to head up to the Lake this weekend to celebrate the 4th of July! Have I mentioned that I love summer?


  1. Amelia, I don't know if I've even said to you what I say to Joe on a regular basis. You are SUCH an incredible mom!! Watching/hearing about it from afar is one of the most beautiful things. Lilly is SO lucky to be so loved and protected during these precious years. xx

  2. Liana, you are so sweet to say that. Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing and just follow my instincts most of the time, with the hope that they will lead me in the right direction. Lilly is very easy to love and I think it's a parent's instinct to protect, especially when they're so little. She still talks about you all the time so rest assured, next time we see you, Lilly will sit beside you and help you take your vitamins :) xo

  3. Amelia,

    Just thought you should know, I typed that from Liana's account.


  4. Thanks Edward. I should probably tell Liana to change her password, in case she doesn't know her account has been hacked. Or should she change her IP address....hmmmm.....