Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lilly's Second Birthday

It has been almost 6 weeks since Lilly officially turned two, although it doesn't feel like it since we spent the better part of May celebrating her birthday. Between family gatherings and her birthday party, it seemed like Lilly was opening birthday presents daily and she became an expert at singing, "Happy Birthday to Wiwwy!" I think it has finally hit her that the celebrations have come to an end for this year. She has stopped asking for presents and birthday cake and the last of the balloons came down this weekend, so we're all moving forward.

It was a month-long celebration full of cakes, presents, bubbles, trips to the park, singing and dancing, and lots of balloons. I don't know what more this little two-year old would want. She has seemed to enjoy every second of being two.

Being two brings new experiences with it. New teeth (especially good for eating corn on the cob at barbecues), new vocabulary (with which to assert independence), new opinions (like only wanting to wear her yellow tutu, reminding me a lot of her godmother, who also used to express such opinions), and new knowledge (she currently points out every "L for Lilly" that she sees while we're out. They're especially prevalent on the "Left Lane Must Turn Left" signs)!

The pictures of her from her birthday and her party tell the story better than I could, so I'm going to let them do most of the talking today. The video of Lilly dancing at her birthday party sums up our little girl. Bouncy, full of energy, happy and loving TWO!
From April 11th: Lilly's Second Birthday!

Lilly loved waking up to balloons on her crib!

Watching for Dad to come home from work to celebrate!

And then, her Birthday Party, one month later.

Red and pink, because she loves Olivia the Pig.

24 months of Lilly!

"Olivia" cupcakes

Some quick legos with Claire before the party starts

Ready to sing and dance!

Dancing with Dad

Cleaning up the egg shakers

Here's the video. These are just a few of the songs Natasha, Lilly's music teacher, sang with Lilly and her friends. Pop Goes the Weasel is Lilly's favorite! Excuse all the adult legs in the video; I was trying to get the little ones dancing. And dance Lilly did--for a solid 45 minutes. She's definitely got her Dad's dancing genes :)

Opening her "princess kit" from Claire...her best buddy, complete with a purse, lipstick and a cell phone.

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