Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10, 2009

The morning: getting a manicure/pedicure

This time two years ago:
  • It was Good Friday, and my due date. For nine months, we had been counting down to this day. Was an "Easter Baby" in the cards for us?
  • Jim and I were sitting on the couch, enjoying dinner, a glass of wine and a movie, wondering when our little one would be making his or her appearance in the world.
  • We were both ready, but didn't mind if the baby decided to wait until after the weekend--we decided that we would enjoy one last weekend to ourselves (that didn't happen!)
  • I went to the doctor at 3:00 in the afternoon, who told me that things hadn't really progressed since the week before, so we should start thinking about an induction the following week, which I did not want.
  • We felt prepared! Well, as prepared as you can feel when you've never been through this experience before. We loved our childbirth class and had a clear picture of how we hoped the birth would go. Looking back, aside from the unexpected speed with which everything happened, it went exactly how we wanted it to.
  • I hadn't had my first contractions yet. They didn't start until around 11:30pm.

From 11:30 on, our night/morning went something like:
  • a few more contractions (well, actually, a lot more...)
  • some timing and writing down of the duration and length between contractions, until I threw away the watch and Jim's sheet with the times on it after he said something like, "that one wasn't even 45 seconds. We're not ready to go to the hospital yet." Wasn't EVEN 45 seconds? Never say that to a woman in labor.
  • a shower and a haircut for Jim--yes, the infamous haircut that Jim asked for in between contractions. Jim was in no rush to get to the hospital; he was just following what we learned in our birth class... "stay home as long as you can."
  • the eternal drive to the hospital at 5:15am, which will go down for me as the most uncomfortable car ride of my life.
  • arriving at the hospital at 5:30; Lilly was born at 5:52am.
Very early the next morning!

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