Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still Going Strong!

Day 4 of potty training came to an end, and Lilly made it through the whole day accident free...until right after dinner. So things are going well. We've even ventured out of the house yesterday and today. We've been to the mall and then her music class yesterday, where she ran into the room and proudly showed Natasha (the music teacher who she adores), her new undies! And then today, we had breakfast with Liz and Claire in Greenwich and were out and about doing a few things this afternoon...and Lilly is doing great. I'm still asking her if she has to go the bathroom a ridiculous number of times a day, but it's working so I'm going to keep doing it. We've discovered bathrooms in places that I didn't even know had bathrooms, but in the long run, I think that ends up being beneficial for both of us. Lilly also seems to be potty training all of her stuffed animals and dolls. They've each taken a turn sitting on the toilet, which I am continuously scrubbing as I'm aware how much time is being spent there at the moment.

Lilly keeps talking about Friday (or, "hiday," as she says) and how "Daddy go home." So I was saying the days of the week to her when we were having lunch yesterday and she seems to have really caught on. At dinner tonight, she was saying, "Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Friday...yaaaaaaay!" Jim is going to be so impressed.

It's been a fun and rewarding week--one that I'm going to remember as one of my favorite weeks of being a mum so far, although it would have been even better if Jim were here. Potty training seems to be going well, I've been able to ride on my bike during Lilly's naps, watch dumb girly movies at night and my days start off like this:

Just lounging in her bed, chatting and singing away at the top of her lungs, with no intention of getting out. She just wanted some company! I continue to be impressed daily by how well Lilly is doing, and just when I think she's a little angel, she goes and does something like this:

Now at a first glance, this doesn't look to impressive, although she looks pretty impressed with herself. But, what if I tell you that I left her in her room playing with some toys in the corner, and when I came back to check on her, I found this scene in front of me. Impressive and cheeky at the same time. I couldn't believe that she'd climbed up there by herself...and taken Daisy with her. So I put her back on the ground, knowing that she'd climb right back up and show me how she did it, which she did. She had moved a basket of toys so that she could climb up the shelves on one of the sides of her changing table. Clever and ridiculously dangerous at the same time. So I had a little chat with her and she seemed to understand that she's not allowed to do this again. This happened yesterday, and after those two times, she hasn't done it again. Hopefully that's the last we'll see of that.

March has lived up to its expectations. It's been a great month, and although I'm sad to see it go, I adore April, and this April look pretty promising. The weather should be better (except that it's supposed to snow here tomorrow), Lilly is going to turn two, Carolyn and Jeremy are getting married, we're going down to DC for Easter to see most of my family (although it won't be the same without Ells), Jim and I have our 4th wedding anniversary, and, I turn 30! It's going to be a big month.

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