Monday, February 14, 2011

On Valentine's Day

I have a post about Mum and Dad's visit and seeing Greg Laswell last week, but I still need to upload the video to it so I'll put it up within the next day or two.

Lilly is still asleep this morning so Jim and I enjoyed a nice quiet morning together before he went to work. We took turns going to the gym and then were able to have coffee and heart shaped donuts (which I've been dying to try from Dunkin Donuts and were waiting for me upon my arrival home from the gym)! We're not big Valentine's Day people but every girl loves a little something, and donuts and coffee this morning were a wonderful start to the day. Lilly and I made Jim a card and Jim retaliated with such a Jim card, it's unbelievable! You get the idea from the front...Jim posing by the water with the caption, "Dreams Do Come True". The inside is more of the same, and then on the back, there's a tiny picture of Jim with the caption, "I'm all yours." The perfect Valentine's Day card :)

We were chatting about, among other things, how much of a little person Lilly is. She's starting to put together sentences and is able to verbalize her opinions. She tells us what she wants to eat (and lets us know when she doesn't want to eat something as well). On any given day, you can ask her what she wants for lunch or dinner, or even breakfast, and she'll tell you "Pata," which is pasta in Lilly language. The girl loves her pasta, just like I do. I could have pasta for dinner every night and be a happy camper! And, like I said, she'll tell you if she doesn't like something. My dad got to witness this first hand when he made salmon for dinner and Lilly wanted a bite. It went into her mouth and then came straight out, to the tune of, "Yucky Mummy...yucky..." complete with her wiping off her tongue, and with an expression of disgust on her face. We learned that she's not a fan of salmon. She thinks every meal is called dinner so when she's hungry in the morning, she'll ask for "dinna". She also lets you know it's her dinner ("my dinna"), as if Jim and I would prefer to eat pizza cut up into tiny little pieces, using miniature utensils, off a plate with Lilly written all over it.

If you try to put away a toy that she's still playing with, even if it's been sitting there untouched for the good part of an hour, I hear, "No mummy, no yet". It's funny to hear expressions like that come out of such a tiny person. She must have heard us say, "not yet," hundreds of times, and has learned how to apply it in her life. Lilly loves smoothies, or as she says, "hoomies." She'll go under the sink and try to take out the blender when she wants one. She'll even cover Daisy's ears when I'm making it so it's not too loud for her. Lilly and I tend to make "hoomies" on a daily basis. She's also really aware of the temperature of food. I think she's put one too many hot things in her mouth so the other day at dinner, she touched some sweet potato that was apparently too hot for her liking, and started saying, "mitt, mummy...mitt daddy" over and over again. Jim looked at me like, "why is she asking for a mitt and what does that even mean?" and I realized that she wanted an oven mitt. She sees me take hot things out of the oven wearing one and determined that this what she needs when dealing with hot things! She's such a little personality.

Here are a few cute pictures from the weekend. On Saturday morning, I walked into the bathroom to see Jim shaving and Lilly pretending to shave too. She had spots of shaving cream all over her face and kept asking Jim for his razor, which she knows as "shap, daddy," meaning "sharp".

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