Friday, January 7, 2011


Our first full day back in Connecticut brought our first snow of 2011.  The picture to the right is a view from our back door.  We missed the big blizzard around Christmas while we were down in Florida (more about that in later entries) so it was nice to wake up this morning to snow falling.  Lil and I went outside this afternoon to play for awhile (and by awhile, I mean 15 minutes).  I think I was more excited than she was to put her in her snow suit and boots, although Lilly spent the morning looking outside and saying, "snow powing" (for snow and pouring, which she learned to say one day when it was pouring rain in Florida!)  Before we even ventured outside, we were both melting from all our layers and uncomfortable trying to walk around in snow boots.  When we got outside, Lilly wasn't really too sure about the whole situation.  I think she had just started to get used to the beach and the sand, and now I was asking her to pick up this freezing cold white stuff and walk around in an outfit that barely lets her move.  After she kept sinking down in the snow, which came up to her knees in some areas, I said, "Lilly, do you want me to carry you?" and so she spent the rest of the time outside saying, "Mummy, cawwy you peez?" (Which I interpreted as, Mummy, carry you please?)    

I'm sure we'll go back outside tomorrow with Jim but here are a few pictures from today that I took with my phone while we were playing.  Lilly worked very hard to leave that little trail in these last three pictures. 

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