Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday with the Clarks

I'd have to say that we were one productive family today! After waking up, going to the gym, building a tower or two out of legos, dressing up Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, and playing in the tent for a little while, we ventured out onto the ridiculous mess that are the Stamford roads to get Lilly and my American (!) passports. We got our passport pictures taken last weekend so we just had to go down the road to the Stamford Library to file our applications. Jim and I love Lil's passport picture:

It's the cutest! With just one problem...apparently, you're not allowed to have anything in your hair for a passport photo. Something the very helpful and informative (insert sarcasm here) woman at CVS failed to tell us. So, these pictures were rendered useless and we had them re-taken at the library today. The second round of photos didn't go as well. Lilly didn't like the flash the camera was making and so, she kept squinting and pointing to her eye, saying, "ow, eye." We didn't get anything even close to a smile. We got a few shots squinting...a few scowling...and a few with her staring at the lady taking the picture like she had 3 heads. I don' t have a copy of the one we ended up with but it'll be cute to look back on one day.

We went out to get passports with a couple of trips in mind. Jim and I are hoping to go on a vacation in March sometime. We're not sure where yet, but we know we'll be leaving the country, and since I surrendered my Green Card, I need a US passport before I can travel. We got Lil hers thinking about next Christmas. We have been talking about going somewhere warm...possibly a beach in Honduras?! So since we were getting mine, we decided it was easier to do both at the same time.

Lil came home and had a nap, Jim hung out at home (and probably cleaned up a bit), and I went to an SAT class. When I got back, we all went to church and Lilly was amazing! Granted, we haven't been for a little while but she was so much better behaved today than in the past. She sat with Daisy's one for most of the time, had some goldfish, drew on her Ack-doodle (well, she tried to draw on it but unfortunately we brought an Ack-doodle that had no water in she kept saying, "oh no, broken ak-doodle" over and over again until we were able to distract her), and she read a few books. Every time the priest finished reading or talking, Lilly said, "The End," as she does when she's reading books with us. She wasn't too thrilled with being left out of Communion, and she tried to take some out of the eucharistic minister's hand but the lady just shook her head at Lilly and said, "no, not for you..." without even a hint of a smile on her face. As I've mentioned before, this isn't my favorite church. They've eliminated the part of mass that Lilly enjoys the most--"peesh" (peace) time. I'm assuming it's because of flu season and everyone in the parish is a bit on the older side. But Lilly held out her hand and said "peesh" anyway and didn't seem too phased. Overall, church was actually a relaxing experience today.

Now, we're about to head out to dinner for Mexican food and margaritas (my favorite!) with Steph & Austin. Our second Saturday night out in a row. Are we wild and crazy or what?

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