Friday, November 19, 2010

Just Another (A)Typical Friday

Today started just like any other week day; Jim got up and went to the gym and was back by 6:15, handed off the keys and it was my turn.  I was back by 7:30, and Lilly was still asleep.  Jim and his dad were sitting in the living room having coffee.  Jim's dad stayed here last night in between meetings and was able to stay later than usual this morning to see Lilly (or so he thought).  Jim said that he heard Lil chatting away at 6:30 but after we set the clocks back, we've been trying to leave her in her crib until 7 so that she adjusts to the time change.  And it's been working.  Most days, she's been back to her normal routine of waking up around 7:30.  Anyway, Jim left her today and when he went in to get her around 7, she was asleep again.  When Jim's dad left at 8, she was still asleep.  She was sleeping when Jim left for work at 8:15...when Mel, Margot, Liz and Stella came over at 10...when I opened her door at 10:30.  Finally, Stella and Margot's noises woke her up at 10:45!  It was unbelievable.  She's slept until 9 before, but this was insane.

Then, after a busy morning (can you even say morning when her day started at 11?) of playing with Stella and Margot and lunch out with Liz and Stella, she was back asleep at 2...and is currently sleeping.  Whoever said that babies need a lot of sleep was not lying.  I think this excessive sleeping is due to Lilly's teeth coming in.  Lilly's way of dealing with teeth (and after she gets her shots) is to sleep.  This is when my genetics come into play big time.  I fall asleep within 30 seconds of my head hitting the pillow--that is no exaggeration.  Just ask any of my siblings...or college roommates...or Jim...they'll all tell you the same thing.  Most people love to sleep but I don't just love it; it comes naturally to me anytime, anywhere, whether I want it to or not.  I can sleep for 17 of the 18 hour direct flight to Singapore.  When Jim and I would fly over to visit my family, I slept the entire way, while Jim watched every movie he could get his hands on.  On any road trip where we're (well, actually, when Jim is) driving for more than an hour, I will sleep.  I'm every driver's worst nightmare; the ideal night time passenger.  When we're at the movies, I will sleep, even if I really want to see the movie.  I fall asleep on the couch half (?) of the time, whenever we're watching anything.  I fall asleep mid-conversations in bed.

When I brought this topic up with Mum and Dad one day, they both looked at each other and started laughing.  Apparently, I have inherited this quality from Mum, who does all the same things that I mentioned above.  All of them.  Sleeping on the plane, at the movies, on the couch, in the car.  Mum even fell asleep while she was at a rock concert!  So, given this information, I understand why Lilly sleeps the way she does.

I don't like to sleep in, though.  I'm just not a night person.  Come 7am (or maybe 8), I don't want to be in bed anymore.  I want to be up, enjoying a cup of coffee after a workout.  Or, as was the case this morning, I want to enjoy every second of starting the day without a tiny little shadow everywhere I turn.  I enjoyed the unexciting ritual of putting on lotion after my shower, quietly.  You wouldn't think that putting on lotion requires a whole lot of talking.  Well, if you put on lotion with a 19 month old in the room, you would be wrong.  For me, this is usually accompanied by a little voice saying, "pampoo??  pampoo??  peeeease?"  Lilly calls all toiletries "pampoo" (or shampoo).  She knows what to do with each one (shampoo, lotion, deodorant, hair gel), but still thinks that they all have the same name.  When you give her lotion, she pulls up the bottom of her pants and rubs it on her legs, like she sees me do.  When she picks up deodorant, she lifts up her arms and tries to put it on, over her clothes.  When she finds my curly hair creme/gel, she pretends to scrunch her hair too.  But to her, they're all "pampoo."  I enjoyed drying my hair without worrying about a little 19-month old standing on the toilet seat next to me, looking at herself in the mirror and dancing, while I think to myself that she's going to fall off and land on her head.  I got dressed without Lilly handing me every one of my shoes, saying, "shoe, boot, boot, shoe..." every time she brings me another one.  I sat down and had coffee and listened to music without a little voice saying, "" every time she doesn't like one of my song choices.  I downloaded some music and didn't have to worry about a toddler gaining control of the mouse.  I loved my quiet morning.

I enjoyed the peace and tranquility because it happens so rarely now.  But don't get me wrong...I'll be ready to have my little companion back to help me start my day tomorrow.  It's much more fun with Lilly around, offering advice and moving furniture.  I hope this isn't a habit.  One ridiculous sleep in is allowed.  But after 8, I miss her.  And Jim misses her if he doesn't get to see her before he leaves for work.  We'll see what kind of sleep tomorrow brings.

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