Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back Down to DC

We're back from a few days in DC where we visited Mum and Dad and went to Christine Freund's wedding. It was a busy few days but it's always fun to be there, no matter how short the time. The drive there and back went well but given Lilly's latest chatterbox tendencies, they were long drives. On the way down, Lil slept for a total of 30 minutes of the five hour drive, and talked for the other four and a half hours. On the way back, she slept a little bit longer but she is still so excited about her expanding vocabulary and somehow, she managed to talk for the remainder of the trip. Jim and I heard every word that Lilly knows how to say during that drive. We've progressed from "mummy, daddy, mummy, daddy..." to "hi mummy, hi daddy, bye bye daddy, bye bye mummy...." over and over and over again. A sample minute of our drive sounded like, "wow, tuck (truck)...bye bye tuck, bye bye tuck...peeese (please, meaning usually she wants a toy or a snack)...oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no (she's dropped her snack/toy/blanket)...mummy, mama, hi mummy, mummy, daddy, daddy, hi daddy, dadddy, mummy....yesh (yes), yesh...book...bye bye book...how do you do (when she sees a bird, thanks to Grandma's rhyme!)...uugh (when she has a dirty diaper)..." I'm tired just typing Lilly's chatter, so imagine four and a half hours of listening to it! Try 45 seconds (with some pictures from Lilly and Grandma's yoga):

It's always fun for me to see Mum and Dad with Lilly. I feel like I get a glimpse into what they were like as parents when we were little, although as grandparents there is probably a little bit more spoiling going on. Lilly said "Grandma" once and calls Dad "Papa"...although she gets a bit confused and started calling them "mummy & daddy" as well. I can see how it's confusing, given that I call them Mum and Dad! Lilly gets so excited when she seems them--and when she sees Tess, of course. The afternoon we arrived in DC, Lilly got to help give Tess a bath. Lilly definitely enjoyed it more than Tess did. During this trip, Lilly learned how to say "Teshy" whenever she saw Tess, so there was really no peace for poor old Tess.

Trying to find a quiet spot to sleep.

Giving Tess a kiss

Sharing Tessy's bed

Hitting the "gog" (Lilly's word for gong)

Getting measured for a sweater from Grandma

On Friday night, Jim and I went out to a pre-wedding party and got to meet up with a few high school friends. We stayed out too late, had too many drinks and felt not so great the next morning. We all decided to go for a walk along Beach Drive to get some fresh air before it was time to be social again. Dad was going for a run so I decided that I would go for a little run too. The only problem with that was that it is impossible to go for a little run with Dad so my little run turned into an hour long run which was double the time of all of my runs recently. Dad and I had a nice chat and I'm finally starting to feel like myself again physically so aside from some tired legs, I had nothing to complain about.

The wedding was a blast. Christine was my very first friend at Stone Ridge, when we were both new in eighth grade. We did everything together that year...took the same classes, were in the same advisory...and stayed good friends throughout high school. Christine keeps in touch with everyone! So I got to see lots of girls that I haven't seen for 10 years and when we were back together, it felt like no time had passed at all. Except that there are now husbands, boyfriends and children in the mix. Jenny, Patricia and I were all at the same table and quickly reverted to our our high school days. Jim only knew a couple of people at the wedding, but given how much he loves weddings, this didn't matter at all. He was the first one out on the dance floor (well, he tried to be the first one out there but I made him wait it out for a song) and Jim spent the night dancing with everyone, including boyfriends of my friends. You can take Jim anywhere and he'll have a good time!

Our table just happened to be next to the photo booth...

As you can see, the boys clearly did not get the hang of the booth.

We knew we had to leave early on the morning after the wedding so that I could be back in CT by 1:00 for an SAT class. We packed up everything the night before and were pretty excited that we were getting an extra hour of sleep. We had planned to wake Lilly at 6:45 and put her right in the car and head home. She has been waking up between 7:45 and 9 lately so we figured there was no way she'd be up. Boy were we wrong. At 3:45am, we hear a little voice from upstairs saying, "mummy, mummy, daddy, daddy...." for a few minutes, and then quiet for awhile. We heard it again half an hour later, so Jim went up to check on her and five minutes later, I heard little footsteps running back and forth. I knew that was it and Lilly was up--at 4:15am. Even though it felt like 5:15 because of the time change, I still couldn't believe it! Dad, who routinely gets up at this time anyway, made tea and toast and the entire house was officially awake. The plus side of this ridiculously early wake-up was that we got to get on the road early...and Lilly slept for almost 15 hours the following night. The down side was that Jim and I both felt like we had been run over by a bus for the duration of the day. I cancelled a few tutoring sessions during the week so I could head down to DC earlier and decided that Sunday evening was a good time to make those up; as a result, I tutored until 10:30 that night. Pair that with a 3:45am wake-up, four and half hours of constant chatter on the ride home and a 3 hour SAT class and I officially needed a weekend to recover from my weekend.

This was taken at about 4:30am

Back home in CT, Lilly had her 18 month doctor appointment yesterday morning. I was dreading the appointment since she was pretty miserable after her shots at 15 months and she seems to have formed a few more opinions since then. We also woke up to hail and sleet yesterday morning--the perfect day to venture out of the house. Lilly weighed in at 23 pounds and is now 32 inches tall. She laughed when the nurse measured her head, and was very cautious when Dr. Brown listened to her heart and looked in her ears. She cried when they gave her her first shot but had stopped by the time the last one was given. She left with a plethora of stickers in her hand and walked out the door like nothing had happened. When we were leaving, she even said "bye bye" and waved to the nurse. She was a happy camper for the rest of the day which was complete with a 3 hour nap! What I thought was going to be a miserable day turned into an enjoyable one. Here's Lil talking to the fish on her way out of the doctor's office:

It was a fun filled few days and now I'm looking forward to an evening of NO tutoring (it was cancelled tonight!), a quiet dinner and relaxing on the couch with Jim and a movie.

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