Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We're back!

It's been a long time since I've posted a blog. We've had a lot going on and while I would often lie in bed and think of things that I wanted to write about, this is the first time that I have felt like sitting down and putting my thoughts on paper (or on the blog). It's been a tough month, but Lilly has forced us to smile, whether Jim and I have wanted to or not. She is growing up quickly and we can't afford to sit around and be sad when we will never have this time back with our (almost) 18 month old!

Mum was up here for two weeks and Dad came up for five days, so yesterday was the first day in awhile that Lilly and I were by ourselves for the day. Lilly gave me lots of hugs, which I never complain about. I think Lilly was a little bit worried as she went from having her grandparents and both parents around all weekend to just me yesterday. So the hugs were a reassurance that I wasn't going anywhere.

Lilly is a busy little toddler. In fact, busy might be an understatement. Just ask her Grandpa! This weekend, Mum and I went out after putting Lil down for a nap. I sent Dad a text at 4:30, asking if Lilly was up yet, and got a reply back that said, "haha. yes indeed. up since 3" So mum and I started our walk home and arrived to see Dad lying on the couch watching football and Lilly running around the living room, which was covered with articles from every room of the house. She brought in things from our bedroom, her bedroom, all her toys from different corners and rooms. She knew exactly what to do to get Dad's attention. Things like, using the remote to change channels, going up and touching the television screen, playing with the flip video camera or trying to get my camera, all of which worked. All of these things were out of reach when we came home, up on high shelves where they were unreachable by toddler hands. We all had a good laugh; Lilly knows just how to push your buttons.

Yesterday, I told Lilly it was time to put on her shoes. She wore sandals all summer and is having a hard time adjusting to wearing real shoes. Apparently, she likes feeling the fresh air on her toes! I brought her shoes out of her bedroom and put them in the living room. When I went to get a drink, I came back and found Lilly in the living room playing, her shoes gone. I asked her where her shoes were, and she went running into her room. She'd put them back on a shelf. I guess she figured that if she put the shoes away, she wouldn't have to wear them. I was so impressed with her thinking! She's such a little person to think of things like that. We sat down and put her shoes on and went out to Target, which Lilly loves. Just look at her smile from the shopping cart :)

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  1. Looks like Lilly loooves shopping! Love that picture- so cute....