Friday, August 6, 2010

The Slide

Lilly and I had another park adventure the other day. This park is perfect for her. There's a mini slide that she can climb up and go down by herself and she will honestly spend the entire time that we're there climbing up the stairs and going down the slide. After I was sure that Lilly could do this by herself, I used this opportunity to complete a photography assignment--another motion one. The camera has a really cool focus function that allows you to choose the person you want to focus on, and without moving the camera, it follows the subject for as long as you hold down the shutter release button. Watching Lilly from a distance, I thought she was having the best time. She got off the slide laughing every time! It wasn't until I looked at the pictures that I realized she may have been feeling otherwise. If you click on the pictures to see them full size, you'll get to see her fantastic facial expressions. Again, keep in mind the slide is tiny, although she looks like she's going 100mph down it! Unfortunately, I don't have one of her smiling at the end, so you'll just have to take my word for it :)

This is my favorite close up:

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