Monday, July 12, 2010


I never thought I would hear those two little words repeated so many times in one day. Between "uh-oh" and "iiiiiii" (which translates to "hi"), Lilly is communicating away. At first, Jim and I thought that the use of "uh-oh" was pretty convenient. When Lilly drops a piece of her food, she now says "uh-oh" until someone picks that food up. No more mystery blueberries landing on the carpet or smooshed into her clothes! But, Lilly's use of the expression has risen to a whole new level. After I put her down for a nap the other day, I heard the usual "nigh nigh" coming from her crib, immediately followed by "uh-oh, uh-oh...". So, I went in to see what was going on and discovered that Lilly had dropped her blanket over the side of the crib and was waiting for someone to come in and pick it up. I gave it back to her, closed her door and you guessed it, not even ten seconds later I heard "uh-oh, uh-oh...". This was now a fun game for Lilly, which I was already sick of. I got her the blanket one more time and decided that she was going to have to learn the hard way because I wasn't going to keep running into her room to pick up whatever she had thrown on the floor. It's like Lilly knows I'm thinking these things though, because she didn't throw the blanket out again...until the next nap.

We've been enjoying the hot weather, playing in the pool and at Lilly's water table. Lilly has had a lot of time to run around in her diaper. Otherwise, as soon as she's dressed, she pours buckets of water over herself from the water table. So, the diaper is easier for everyone. We've been going for shorter walks because the heat is just too much for our usual walk down to meet Jim for coffee or lunch at UBS. Hopefully later on this week we'll make it down there again because it's always fun to see Jim in the middle of the day (both Lilly and I agree)! We have a nice stretch of time at home now without any trips. I'm taking a photography class on Wednesdays, which I love. I'm learning how to use all the manual modes on our big camera so that we can utilize so much more of what it does. Lilly continues to learn new things by the day. My favorite Lilly talent at the moment is that you can ask her to do "down dog" and she puts herself right into the yoga pose!! I'm still so impressed every time that I haven't been able to capture a picture yet but you can expect one shortly. She has been showing everyone on skype how she does this! She has enjoyed playing with her little friends...some older and some younger. Last week, we went over to Dave and Caryn's house to see Calvin who is now 5 months old and absolutely adorable! This weekend, Brien, Liz & Stella came over for dinner and Lilly just adores Stella. I'm pretty sure she thinks that Stella's a toy, and we definitely have to keep an eye on her because sometimes the hugs can get a bit rough. And, Lilly's favorite place to go at the moment is right out our back door to visit her friend Parker, who lives a couple of houses over. She loves going to Parker's so much that she'll try and make a break for it almost every time we're outside.

Here are some pictures of Lilly and friends from the past couple of weeks:

At Dave & Caryn's, with adorable little Calvin, who loved Lilly's pigtails!

Lilly wasn't too sure of Calvin pulling her hair.

Playing with Nate

Touching Stella's hand (and carrying around this ugly pink poodle that one of the neighbors gave her and I can't get rid of!)

Two proud dads and their daughters

Giving Stella hugs on her changing table before bed

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