Friday, July 30, 2010

A Molar, Some Flies and a Potato

The days keep flying by and Lilly does so many new things that it is hard to keep track of them all. On Wednesday, I discovered that Lilly has a molar! So, that brings her to a grand total of 9 teeth (probably still Nascar material according to my Dad). She had been gnawing away on carrots and her fingers...whatever she could put in her mouth, so I decided that something had to be going on. I put my finger in her mouth and felt a little molar. I have yet to see it but this is going to open up a whole new world of chewing for her!

Whenever we spend a lot of time outside, flies seem to make their way into our house. Earlier today, I picked up a flip flop and was chasing these flies around the house only to discover that Lilly had picked up my other flip flop and was following me around, banging the flip flop on anything she could find. She thought this was a fantastic game, especially when I started yelling "bang" every time I tried to hit the fly. Such simple entertainment! Then, when Jim came home, he took the fly swatting to a whole new level with a dish towel and Lilly thought this was hysterical. Every time he whacked the towel against something, she would jump, run to me and start laughing. Just another relaxing night in the Clark household.

Speaking of relaxing, check out the video of Lilly dancing to her new favorite song, "Hot Potato" by the Wiggles. It is currently the most played song on our computer and even though some may say it is annoying (Dad even ventured so far as to call it hideous), it puts such a smile on Lilly's face and the dancing is worth it. When she hears it, she runs off to find her toy potato and then comes back and dances in front of the computer until the song is over, when she asks for it to play again. She's going to be dangerous when she's big enough to dance at weddings--following right in her dad's footsteps.

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