Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lazy Weekends

As the years have gone by (doesn't that make me sound old?), Jim and I have increasingly enjoyed doing less and less on weekends. In fact, Jim is the happiest when he starts his weekend with NO plans ahead. I often tease him and tell him that he is becoming more like my dad (no offense Dad), just 25 years earlier. Since Lilly was born, that has only become more apparent. We have such a good time with our own little family that it's often tempting to do nothing but spend the weekend together. Lilly is a constant entertainer and loves having Jim home during the day to play with her. This morning, Jim was building castles and towers with Lilly's legos, while she took everything that he built apart. When Jim puts all the toys into her baskets, Lilly pulls them all out. I made Jim a key lime pie and Lilly and Jim made the whipped cream together. When they read books together before bed, shrieks of laughter come soaring out of Lilly's room. Jim and Lilly are partners in 15 months old and the other 29 years old. The two of them provide endless hours of entertainment for each other. I love watching (and often participating in) the hours of nothingness, where time just seems to fly by. Jim and I were never big party animals before Lilly was born (well, maybe in college...) but now, we are content to spend our evenings at home. Lilly goes to bed so early so we often have 5 hours or so of time to hang out where Lilly isn't the focus of all of our attention. We have a nice little routine that makes us all happy. Don't get me wrong; we love seeing our friends and having an occasional night out but give us a weekend with no plans any day and we'll take it.

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