Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Friendly Visitor

Tonight, after dinner and her bath, Lilly decided to take one last trip outside. Who could blame her? It was a gorgeous day today and we spent most of it outside. We walked down to check out the pool this morning and bumped into some of Lilly's little friends who tired her out before her morning nap. Then, we walked out and had a delicious lunch with Mel and Margot and ended the day with a dip in the pool after Jim surprised us and came home from work nice and early. I love days like today.

When Lilly went outside tonight, she enjoyed a visit from the bunny who makes his home close by. We see him often but always at a distance, and he's usually hopping away. Today, however, he stayed close by until Lilly tried to pat him, at which point, he sprinted away...followed closely by a certain 15 month old. She even tried to whisper to the bunny. Whispering is the newest addition to Lilly's repertoire. Jim has been whispering to her and she loves it, so now she whispers her babble to us, but covers her own ear instead of putting her hand up to the person's ear that she's whispering in. I'm sure the bunny enjoyed being whispered to!

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