Friday, July 23, 2010

The Big Apple Circus

Today marked Lilly's first trip to the circus! The Big Apple Circus is in Stamford at the moment, so Liz, Stella, Lilly and I went today to check it out. Don't be deceived by it's name; this circus was in no way, "big." It was perfect, however, for little ones, although Stella seemed to sleep through most of the performance! Aaaaah, newborns. We sat in the front row where we were so close to the action, we may as well have been out on the ring. When the horses were running around the edge, Liz and I got a little bit nervous as it seemed they could have been on top of us at any moment. That aspect of the circus, thankfully, was uneventful. No stray horses or dogs (that's right, the animals at the circus consisted of 2 horses and about 6 dogs!) and the clowns and trapeze artists performed their stunts without any mishaps.

Anyway, the real reason for going to the circus today was for Lilly, and it's safe to say, it was a successful adventure. It started off a little iffy, and Lilly was unsure if she liked it or not. At the beginning, the tent went pitch black and then all of sudden, bright lights, loud music and clowns came running onto the ring and Lilly burst into tears, to be followed a few seconds later by laughing, clapping and waving. After the initial shock, she was intrigued. She waved at everyone and loved clapping when everyone clapped. Lilly smiled and laughed throughout. But, her reaction when the dogs, that's right, the
dogs, came out was priceless. Liz captured it perfectly in the picture at the beginning of the blog. Lilly could not contain herself. These dogs were running around, jumping over people and through hoops and Lilly was clapping and waving and screaming at them. It really was priceless. So, while the pictures below of the dogs may not look too amazing, know that for this 15 month old, it was the highlight of her circus experience. Lilly is sound asleep now, probably dreaming of the circus and dogs. Congratulations, Big Apple Circus. Mission accomplished.

The Clowns

Just to show you how close we were...

At intermission.

As Liz, said, Stella was dreaming of clowns :)


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