Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Water Table

We set up a sand and water table outside for Lilly and it has quickly became her favorite activity. She even learned how to open our sliding door to get outside to play with her table at her own convenience. Jim and I learned this one day when we were both inside and looked out the door to see Lilly happily playing, with the door half open. Neither of us had let her out so it was time to start keeping a closer eye on Lilly! Anyway, this table has been the perfect addition to our house this summer as it seriously entertains Lilly (and Jim) for hours. The two of them will sit outside and pour water everywhere, except in the table. There's a water mill that's just a little bit too tall for Lilly to reach so every time she tries to pour water in the top, it ends up going right over her own head. Needless to say, every time the water table gets used, Lilly comes inside soaking wet and with a giant smile on her face. She's not really into the sand side yet except when she realizes that she can put the sand in the water. I think when she can build sandcastles she'll enjoy the sand more. Until then, the sand is just an accessory to the water.


The first day that we had the sand and water table set up, some of the neighbors' kids saw Lilly playing and came running over. They were older kids and what started out as innocent fun soon turned into a giant mess. You should have seen the look on Jim's face when they started putting all the sand in the water and the water in the sand. The best part of the whole situation was that I had to leave to go and tutor so Jim was sitting outside watching the chaos taking place. While I was tutoring, I got a text from Jim saying that the kids were trying to come in the house, even though Lilly had gone to sleep and Jim had tried to send them home numerous times. Jim was sitting on the couch reading and these kids were knocking on the door! I came home to a sand/water mess outside and to an exhausted Jim. We hosed everything down and have not invited those kids back. In fact, when we see them come outside, we go inside.

Who knew a water table could be so entertaining?!

Drinking the water...of course!

In shock after just pouring water over her own head!

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  1. love the 'caught' photo - looks right out of US Weekly magazine :)
    cute blog!