Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lilly's First Sleepover

Last night, Lilly had her very first sleepover with her friend Claire. Claire, who is 9 months old, came over for the evening so that her parents could enjoy a night out! The two of them were so cute together, cracking each other up. They spent most of the night giggling. At first, Lilly wasn't too sure about this baby who was sitting in her high chair and using her changing table but as soon as she realized that she could help, she had a blast! Lilly wanted to feed Claire (which didn't last long as I feared that Claire's cereal would end up in her eyes) and she carried Claire's diaper to the trash. She kept trying to put Claire's pacifier back in her mouth for her too. Unfortunately, Claire didn't want it in her mouth so we put an end to that game as well. Lilly was running circles around the house, bringing Claire new toys to play with and showing her how to press all the buttons on the toys to make them play music or make noise. While I'm sure the two of them could have kept playing all night, the party ended pretty soon after it started, at the ripe hour of 6:00, when Claire went to bed and Lilly followed shortly after. A night they'll both remember for sure!

At the same time these crazy festivities were taking place, Brien, Liz, Jerry and Melanie were all here, hanging out for what we hope is the final time before their babies arrive (although it is clear at this point that Baby McDonald has his or her own agenda and will be entering the world at the moment of his or her choice). We had an evening of fajitas, beer and wine and all enjoyed hanging out, although I do have to say that the level of friendly banter was verging on excessive. It must have been all the baby anxiety coming out. Next time we all get together, there will be even more little ones around and we can't wait!!

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