Monday, June 21, 2010

A Family BBQ and a New Friend

On Saturday, we went up to Jim's aunt and uncle's house for a family BBQ. On the way up, we stopped in to meet Lilly's newest friend, Margot Ruggieri. Jerry and Mel looked fantastic and were both smiling, proud to be new parents. Margot is so cute, I loved holding her and Lilly loved meeting her. Unfortunately, Lilly wanted to pat her head and kept trying to touch her eyes, so we ended up limiting the interaction between Margot and Lilly but it was a great introduction for 2 girls who are destined to be friends!

It was a gorgeous day for a BBQ and we enjoyed an afternoon full of lots of food, games, cold beer and catching up with family. Lilly got to play with all her cousins and was on her feet for the entire day! She literally didn't stop (despite the fact that we tried to convince her to have a nap). At the end of the day, we were all exhausted, especially Lilly. She was sound asleep before we even got on the highway to head home.

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