Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Second Mother's Day

I know I’ve gotten a bit behind on my blog.  I’m not going to make excuses but I will say that the amount of tutoring I’ve been doing has increased exponentially (a good math teacher description, and in essence, an excuse).  Last week, I spent 3 evenings tutoring in Fairfield (which ends up being a 50 mile round trip drive) and an afternoon tutoring at Sacred Heart and another evening tutoring in Greenwich.  This week, I’m doing the same thing and adding both weekend days to my tutoring regime.  The school year is winding down and exams will be underway soon so I’ll take advantage of this as I know that tutoring will slow down in the summer.  So, I’ve been falling behind on my blog and I’m hoping to spend the rest of this week catching up. 

Last year, for my first Mother’s Day, Lilly was less than a month old.  Mum and Dad came up to visit and so I got to spend my first Mother’s Day as a mum with my mum.

Sunday marked my second Mother’s Day, and I’ve decided that this has become my favorite holiday.  It’s such a special day without all the commercialism surrounding so many holidays, and it is a whole day dedicated to thanking Mums.  I spent the day thinking about how lucky I am to have the Mum that I do and how wonderful it is to be a mum myself. 

I woke up to Jim and Lilly trying to be quiet, but Lilly blew their cover pretty quickly.  She walked into our room carrying Scout, her favorite green dog, who was singing one of his songs that goes something like…”Let’s sing a song about you, Lilly….L---I---L---L---Y--- Lilly”.  It’s a catchy little tune; one that gets stuck in Jim and my head for days.  Anyway, Jim made coffee (which for some reason always tastes better when someone else makes it) and I walked out to the living room where there was a cake, a card and some presents!  The cake was a “birthaversary mother’s day cake,” so aptly named by Jim.  Apparently I get one cake a year so it counts for everything!  Even though I am adamant about keeping the holidays separate, I was so excited for my cake that I didn’t mind.  Neither did Lilly.  She was cautious when she first saw it, but quickly learned how to dip her fingers in the icing and lick the icing off her hand.  Within minutes, her face was covered! 

The icing even made it into her eye! 
You can see the damage to the cake below :)

My Mother’s Day card was priceless.  Words can’t do it justice so I took some pictures.  Jim learned that Lilly isn’t really ready to use markers yet, let alone permanent ones.  He said there was some serious face scrubbing after the card was complete. 

Then, Lilly gave me a kit to make her handprint out of clay, and Jim gave me a griddle, which I’ve wanted for ages!  We spent the day together with no plans.  Jim made eggs for breakfast and a roast chicken for dinner.  We took Lilly for a long walk in the middle of the day, and then we went out for a run in the afternoon.  It was the perfect Mother’s Day, which we ended watching “Roman Holiday” and reminiscing about our trip to Italy.  Well actually, Jim watched the whole movie while I fell asleep; a common occurrence in our house and a trait that I believe I inherited directly from Mum.  I loved my second Mother's Day! 

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