Friday, May 28, 2010

Blue Suede (Leather) Shoes

When Lilly started walking, we went out and got her her first pair of "walking shoes."  She had a few pairs of really cute shoes but they didn't cut it for learning how to walk.  So, off we went, shoe shopping for a one-year-old.  She tried on different pairs of shoes (and by tried on, I mean tried to move her foot every way other than into the shoe) and we settled on a cute pair of sneakers...with little flowers on them of course.  She wears them everywhere, usually with frilly socks to dress them up a bit :)  As much as I'm dying to buy all the fun little girls' shoes out there, most of them are not practical for a little one who still often walks like she is onboard a ship, so for now, the sneakers are her shoe of choice...for dancing on tables or learning how to play the guitar.

When I was little, I also had one pair of shoes that I would wear everywhere, with everything.  They were navy blue boots--Clark's boots as luck would have it!  Because of the way toddlers walk, the shoes have absolutely no wear on them.  Here's me with my shoes and my teddy bear (before I ate all the hair off him).

Mum and Dad gave them to me after Lilly was born and I unwrapped them the other day.  Lilly carried them around the house for awhile and as luck would have it, they are the right size for her to wear!  So, naturally, I put them on her.  28 years later, these shoes look brand new and Lilly stomped around in them and loved the clicking noise they made when she walked on the tile inside.  They reminded me of the Elvis song, "Blue Suede Shoes," which was one of Edward's favorite songs when he was little!  I played it for Lilly the other day and she started dancing.  Apparently, she likes the same music that her godfather does.

And, just as when she wears her sneakers, Lilly fell one or two times wearing these little boots.

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